Business Case: Professional Consulting Services – Residential Construction Projects

Mixing professional services with residential construction projects: business case: professional consulting services for residential construction projects Concept Products and services Typical customer Porter’s 5 forces SWOT Operations and logistics Costing and Pricing Strategy Financial Forecasts

Crossrail – Managing Information in Major Projects

Information Architecture and Management are, in my view, two very important components which can help deliver successful programmes or can hinder the delivery, induce commercial disputes along the way, triple the expenditure costs and ultimately affect the taxpayers’ investment. Crossrail – Information Management

Managing financial value drivers – Key formulae

Download: Compacted version of the key financial drivers formulae (v2) (30/Apr/2017) Key financial formulae to keep you going through the day (29/Apr/2017) Contents: Profit – sales revenue growth, gross profit margin, EBIT margin, margin attributable to shareholders, labour to sales ratio, return on capital employed, return on equity Assets and gearing – asset turnover, debt to equity, gearing… Continue reading »

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

The 120-years clean-electricity-project, supported by the UK Government, gains popularity from the amount of assumptions set and the value of the strike price estimated to enable the CfD (“Contract for Difference”) framework, between the PLC and the Government. I attach a paper where I’ve looked at the risks and assumptions affecting Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project…. Continue reading »

Network Rail – SWOT – PESTLE – recommendations

I recently published a very interesting short paper about Network Rail summarising a market analysis, whilst looking at both internal and external influential factors, including a PESTLE and a SWOT evaluation. I also looked at competition and I considered Highways England as key competitor – so the focus is on the infrastructure, not on the service providers. Network Rail… Continue reading »

Network Rail – PESTLE – Porter – SWOT – recommendations

Click below to download a very interesting presentation of internal (PESTLE) / external (Porter) factors affecting Network Rail at the moment and foreseen for the future, a SWOT analysis with details about the main competitors and recommendations to mitigate risks and increase assurance for future plans. Network Rail – passengers and freight – Environmental analysis (internal… Continue reading »

Sprint Retrospective Meeting

• After Sprint Review, prior to next Sprint Planning Meeting, Scrum Team inspects itself and creates improvement plan • Time boxed: 3 hours/1-month Sprint Purpose o How last sprint went with regards to people, relationships, process, tools o Items that went well and potential improvements o Create improvement plan Update definition of ‘done’ i.e. signing… Continue reading »

Daily Scrum Meetings

Benefits • Eliminate other meetings • Identify and remove impediments • Promote quick decision making, acknowledgments and agreements then and there • Improve communication and knowledge across the board • Dev Team assesses progress towards Sprint Goal • Complex issues taken off-line • 15-30 min time-box, same place and time every day • Not a… Continue reading »