Can business schools gain advisory skills?

Recent literature shows that within UK it has become common practice for business schools to position themselves in the center of their local business communities, ecosystems and business parks and to invest knowledge and business values within them. In order to accommodate and successfully make this transition, business schools must undertake a series of changes… Continue reading »

Anti-Brexit pressure groups (STOP BREXIT LIMITED, Company number 10856527) TOOLS: Brexit preparation – settled status

Bogdan’s 3,000km cancer awareness cycle rides

Looking for the latest stats from my JustGiving campaign? You’ve landed on the right page. I welcome everyone to either join or support me (or both). Donations go to Macmillan Cancer Support as per All Strava screenshots and information confirming all journeys done so far, are also on SUMMARY OF ALL CYCLE RIDES TO DATE DATE FROM… Continue reading »

Ralph Stacey – Extraordinary Management Theory

Ralph Stacey – Extraordinary Management Theory

ordinary management extraordinary management complexity theory above the green line beneath the green line complex interactions building internal accountability paradox of predictability and unpredictability  paradox of enabling and constraining  paradox of individualism and grouping power relations

Business Case: Professional Consulting Services – Residential Construction Projects

Mixing professional services with residential construction projects: business case: professional consulting services for residential construction projects Concept Products and services Typical customer Porter’s 5 forces SWOT Operations and logistics Costing and Pricing Strategy Financial Forecasts

Crossrail – Managing Information in Major Projects

Information Architecture and Management are, in my view, two very important components which can help deliver successful programmes or can hinder the delivery, induce commercial disputes along the way, triple the expenditure costs and ultimately affect the taxpayers’ investment. Crossrail – Information Management