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Do you remember the Brexit party 23rd May 2019 fiasco?

Do you remember the Brexit party 23rd May 2019 fiasco?

I recently came across a leaflet sent by the Brexit (part-time) political party and I wanted to share it, to help us all reflect on how swiftly power dynamics shifts across from one spectrum to another, especially in volatile environments. Click here to download the full PDF leaflet: Brexit party advert for 23rd May 2019

Anti-Brexit pressure groups

https://www.stopbrexitmarch.com/ (STOP BREXIT LIMITED, Company number 10856527) https://www.ofoc.co.uk https://www.open-britain.co.uk/ https://www.peoples-vote.uk/ https://www.britainforeurope.org/ https://www.the3million.org.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/pg/We.Are.The.Forty.Eight/ http://www.europeanmovement.co.uk/ https://www.strongerin.co.uk/ https://www.bestforbritain.org/ TOOLS: Brexit preparation – settled status

Network Rail – PESTLE – Porter – SWOT – recommendations

Click below to download a very interesting presentation of internal (PESTLE) / external (Porter) factors affecting Network Rail at the moment and foreseen for the future, a SWOT analysis with details about the main competitors and recommendations to mitigate risks and increase assurance for future plans. Network Rail – passengers and freight – Environmental analysis (internal… Continue reading »