Update of 10 May 2020:

Research shows that business schools endeavour to become central to their local business communities by recasting a more relevant service offering. However, business schools have their roots embedded in research and academia.

This time last year, I was examining the appropriate #OperatingModel, including what consultancy #Capabilities and #Enablers would enable Hertfordshire Business School to transition from its current position to the centre of Hertfordshire #BusinessEcosystem.

Original post of 26 November 2018:

Recent literature shows that within the UK it has become common practice for business schools to position themselves as advisory partners in the centre of their local business communities, ecosystems and business parks and to invest knowledge and business values within them.

To accommodate and successfully make this transition, business schools must undertake a series of changes to their operating models to incorporate advisory activities. These adjustments are also necessary to enable the schools to cope with new challenges associated with their more much complex role.

The strategic challenge for Hertfordshire Business School becomes identifying how should it optimise its working model to create value for the business community, how to stimulate innovation for local businesses and how to enable the local business ecosystem to reshape and to position the business school in its epicentre as a trusted advisory partner.


  1. Project proposal – Hertfordshire Business School – Developing advisory capabilities and competing with strategy consultancies.