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Network Rail – SWOT – PESTLE – recommendations

I recently published a very interesting short paper about Network Rail summarising a market analysis, whilst looking at both internal and external influential factors, including a PESTLE and a SWOT evaluation. I also looked at competition and I considered Highways England as key competitor – so the focus is on the infrastructure, not on the service providers. Network Rail… Continue reading »

HRM performance in Network Rail

HRM performance in Network Rail

I wrote this short paper to analyse the systems set up by Network Rail HR function along with its efficiency, the tools and the environmental factors interfering with the HR Agenda. The essay aims to assess the HR performance and potential factors of risk, which may keep the conversion of the Business Strategy into the Workforce Strategy and later into the HR… Continue reading »

Network Rail – PESTLE – Porter – SWOT – recommendations

Click below to download a very interesting presentation of internal (PESTLE) / external (Porter) factors affecting Network Rail at the moment and foreseen for the future, a SWOT analysis with details about the main competitors and recommendations to mitigate risks and increase assurance for future plans. Network Rail – passengers and freight – Environmental analysis (internal… Continue reading »